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Shotgun ammo is a type of shell used in shotguns. It typically contains lead pellets and can be loaded with different sizes and types depending on the intended use. Shotgun shells are available from varying manufacturers in multiple gauges and shot sizes, offering the shooter many options for the desired effect. Commonly used for hunting or target shooting, shotgun ammunition typically offers a greater range than rifle or handgun ammunition.

Shotgun ammunition types

Shotgun ammo is available in many different types and sizes, 12 gauge ammo, 16 gauge ammo, 28 gauge ammo, 20 gauge ammo including buckshot, birdshot, slug, and specialty rounds. Buckshot is best used for larger games such as deer or wild boar, while birdshot is ideally used for hunting small birds and varmints. Slugs can be used for long-range shooting or close-quarters target practice. Specialty rounds can be tailored to specific needs, such as close-range defense or competition shooting.

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