Kimber K6s Stainless Revolver 357 Magnum 3

K6s Stainless Revolver

K6s Stainless Revolver compact revolvers are well-suited for backup, concealed carry and home defense. The small frame and 1.39-inch diameter cylinders are machined from the finest stainless steel for superior integrity, strength, and resistance to moisture. The K6s offers important design features, including an advanced double action trigger with a short, smooth, no-stack trigger that creates confidence while ensuring accuracy. Edges are rounded and blended to prevent hang up when the revolver is removed from concealment. For those who require a small package with mild recoil, K6s provides the power needed for concealed carry, home protection and many other applications. Best of all, the K6s revolver offers unequaled Kimber quality, dependability, and performance.

Product Information

Cartridge357 Magnum
Capacity6 Round
Weight25.1 Ounce
Barrel Length3 Inches
Action TypeRevolver
Trigger TypeDouble Action
Threaded MuzzleNo
Barrel FinishStainless
Front SightFixed Blade with White Dot
Rear SightFixed with White Dot
Frame MaterialStainless Steel
Grip MaterialWood
Frame FinishStainless
Grip StyleSmooth
Grip ColorWalnut
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Trigger Pull9.5-11.5 Pound

Kimber K6s Stainless Revolver – An Overview

I just additional the K6 goal revolver to my tiny group of Kimbers. I hold the Ultra Carry, Tactical design, as well as a micro. All have proved reputable and the top shooters of my semis except my Glock 21 that provides them a run.

(l.) Though called ”hammerless,” the K6s has an interior hammer. The cylinder pin, in the center on the recoil protect, is withdrawn by a release button about the gun’s left aspect that is definitely depressed in comparable method to that of the Ruger double-action revolver.

I contain the k6s Dao and only in the near past acquired the k6s knowledge. They may be super high quality guns, relatively light-weight and The rationale I carry is due to the trustworthiness. I have a Dan Wesson vigil however it is just big enough to be tricky to have in a few eventualities. The kimber is as correct because the shooter for my part.

The K6s (DASA) is next evolution of the Kimber revolver solution line that can take the acclaimed K6s program and outfits it using a double and single action bring about system. The platform maintains the many benefits of the first K6s including the remarkable double motion result in pull, compact envelope, and 6 shot potential but Along with the extra benefit of an individual motion bring about. The 3 inch barrel gives the shooter with wider sight radius for much better precision.

Samuel Colt had time to acquire a great have a look at it in the course of his time traveling by ship to India and England and in some way he determined how to make it a good deal improved.

Kimber chose to create and marketplace a compact, small-barreled revolver since it has an excellent chance of commercial results. Meant with the ever-escalating concealed carry current market, the K6s is often a sort of revolver which has been developed in the usa given that just after the Civil War. A lot of firms produced revolvers of this course, which has lengthy been discovered because the so-termed “hammerless.” As with other these types of wheelguns, the K6s truly does Have got a hammer—it truly is inner, totally enclosed and so can’t be manually cocked.

The preparations are on for the launching on the firearm and 1 revolver Each individual continues to be put in the gun residence on the Sial group in Lucknow and Kanpur in check out of men and women’s curiosity to determine it, Singh explained, stressing which the displayed ones were not for sale.

Offhand you can nonetheless get groups close to two and two-and-50 percent inches devoid of hassle. The sticking position will probably be whether it is possible to operate that double-action bring about easily. is developed to get simple – conveniently arranged products, beneficial descriptions from specialists, and support to guideline you to definitely the best choice.  Shell out your time and efforts experiencing the gun you would more info like, not having disappointed with a posh Internet site that makes gun shopping for challenging.

Having said that, the checkering and width does give you a firm grip on the gun (and it’s relaxed, way too). Personally, I like The truth that it doesn’t have finger grooves given that Individuals really seldom operate with my fingers. 

I just extra the K6 concentrate on revolver to my little group of Kimbers. I possess the Ultra Carry, Tactical model, as well as a micro. All have proved trustworthy and the most effective shooters of my semis except for my Glock 21 that provides them a operate.

A view inside the K6s reveals a mechanism that isn’t a duplicate of every other, but which has some similarities to People of S&W double-steps in its usage of a coil spring to electrical power its hammer. The locking bolt (arrow, r.), protrudes up with the frame/ sideplate junction to interact the cylinder notches.

I custom wrapped the perfectly worn ‘focus on’ grips with extend adhesive tape rolling ridges amongst my fingers for an ideal grip. I extended the grip which has a plastic three/4″ plumbing plug to the semi parrot grip wrapped for my pinky.

I am not extremely happy I am unable to receive a rubber grip or a good fitting holster like those i have from Mitch Rosen. I’d personally of preferred the choice of obtaining the weapon using a ported barrel.

Samuel Colt experienced time to get a superior look at it for the duration of his time touring by ship to India and England and somehow he found out how to really make it a whole lot better.

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There was already a flintlock revolver at time, one developed by Artemis Wheeler and Elisha Collier, but it surely wasn’t a revolver like you’re wondering. That flintlock revolver was self-priming but not self-rotating.

While continue to viable, the medium-dimension support revolvers—Ruger GP100s, K- and L-body Smith & Wessons And that i-body Colts—no longer compete for your implied get more info endorsement of law enforcement use. This leaves the big and strong sportsman’s revolvers, and also the small, concealable snubbies. Great quantities of the former nevertheless market well, and also the latter are as preferred since they at any time were.

Other contours to the minor revolver add to its good Total ergonomic structure. The set off guard is somewhat elongated to give the cause finger an abundance of room. Around the revolver’s barrel, there is an underlug to protect the ejector rod, and also the cross section of that element is considerably ovate; it’s both equally graceful and sensible.

The organization had attained license to manufacture firearms in 2019 after coming into a three way partnership with Sial. A group of industry experts from England experienced visited India to check and setup a facility in Sandilla.

Webley & Scott would be the to start with foreign company to manufacture arms from the place. The company will create manufacturing unit at Sandila, about thirty km from Lucknow. The corporation will probably be manufacturing in collaboration with Yet another Lucknow dependent enterprise.

I took the Kimber to a sophisticated pistolsmith with a long time of expertise within handgun mechanisms. That gentleman and I disassembled the gun and observed its action.

The K6s includes a sideplate on its appropriate, secured by 3 screws, only one of which can be noticeable without having eliminating the stocks. Inside, it’s various from any from the Colt, Smith, Ruger or Taurus revolvers he has labored on in past times, but, with its inside hammer and coil mainspring on the strut, almost certainly bears far more resemblance for the S&W than anything.

No, this isn’t a deep dive into revolver history

It’s a lot more like A fast topical glance to verify we’re all on the same web page. Bear with me due to the fact we’re about to take a look at not-a-Kimber guns for a minute.

Recoil with .357 Mag. ammunition out from the K6s is intense but nevertheless manageable—In fact, the gun weighs only 23 ozs. I discovered it to become notably stout.

The K6s (DASA) is following evolution with the Kimber revolver solution line that requires the acclaimed K6s process and outfits it that has a double and one motion induce system. The System maintains the many benefits of the initial K6s like the superb double motion result in pull, compact envelope, and 6 shot potential but While using the included benefit of only one action result in. The three inch barrel delivers the shooter with broader sight radius for improved precision.

From joint weapon acquisitions to cross postings, Defence Ministry endorsing integration culture in armed forces

There are a lot of revolvers out there not well worth the price but this isn’t one of them. It outperforms its rate stage and provides for concealed carry. DeSantis has some pleasant holsters for it.

The preparations are on for your launching of your firearm and one particular revolver Each individual has been placed inside the gun property on the Sial group in Lucknow and Kanpur in check out of men and women’s curiosity to see it, Singh mentioned, stressing the exhibited kinds were not for sale.

Offhand it is possible to however get teams near to two and two-and-50 percent inches with no issues. The sticking stage will probably be if you could operate that double-motion induce efficiently.

Maximum orders are increasingly being created for our .32 revolver of Webley & Scott, which also occurs to be the primary international corporation to manufacture firearms below.

For something, it meant settlers and troopers could protect their lives a whole lot much more successfully than prior to, and for one more it intended the gun world at significant was transferring to the semi-automobile realm. 

Kimber describes the grips in the K6s as “a few-finger” grips and it’s precise, at least for my palms. Attempt though you could possibly the pinkie of your assist hand is going do dangle and, the truth is, even your powerful-side hand may not fairly healthy. It all depends on your hand dimensions.

For the most part the K6s DASA does outperform its $970 MSRP. However It’s really a steep rate for just a gun that’s probable destined to be utilised as being a BUG (or only with the variety).

The Kimber K6s DASA is exactly what the corporate calls the “future evolution” in their revolver line. In the event you’re informed about the initial K6s you realize it’s a double-motion; the K6s keeps the properly-sent double-action solution although introducing in a chance to run the gun one-action. It’s a gain-acquire scenario.

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